YOGA - and life in between


My yoga classes, other passions, and dreams are all here, in the hopes of inspiring you to go after your own, no matter which stage in life you are in right now.

I teach live, face-to-face classes in different venues, as my way of bringing yoga closer to you, and also to collaborate with different local businesses and sites!

It has always been my intention to make yoga more accessible and I am so happy that I am finally making it a reality. 

Please join me as we journey together in yoga – and life in between – and don’t forget to stay kind and ohhsome, everyone! 

Hi! I’m Vina!

I started my yoga practice in 2006, mainly because I needed a fitness activity to improve my physical health. My first class was Bikram Yoga, and it was certainly love at first try (and heat). After a few months, I literally felt my joints unhinge! Months turned into years, and true enough, the physical transformation happened – but what was more notable were the mental and emotional changes I experienced. I became more calm, focused, and generally gravitated towards surrounding myself with positivity.


My signature yoga classes combine specially curated playlists designed to
enhance your yoga experience. Move through foundational yet challenging and creative asanas and sequences with music that keeps you going till it’s time for savasana.

Inside Flow

Music, breath, and movement are synchronized for an integrated experience. We fluidly flow from one pose to another, moving to the beat of the music. Sequences are linked together for a choreographed yoga sequence to a feature song.

Some yoga experience suggested

Vibe and Flow

Whether taking it slow in a Slow Flow class, or a little bit more upbeat in a Flow or Yoga-on-Beat class, this well-rounded practice will surely have you vibing and feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to start - or end - your day.

Open to beginners


I am passionate about my various advocacies ranging from education to sustainability, and I support groups and brands that share the same vision and values.


I always look forward to attending Vina’s class. Practicing yoga with her has helped me become the person I am today. She raised my identity to a different height by bringing confidence, sexiness, and fun to every class.


Teacher Vina’s class is always an experience. Her passion and commitment  to the practice is warmly translated in the beautiful and thoughtful sequences she creates. Humbled to be part of her teaching journey – full of mindfulness, being present, and feeling joyful.

- Monte

Inside Flow is such a game changer! Vina has such passion for her teaching. Her classes are some of the favorites I’ve taken!

- Jeanette

Vina’s classes are challenging but enjoyable, and they’ve introduced me to
some great music, too. I also love the energy of the class!

- Ella

Teacher Vina patiently coaches and guides students in her Inside Flow class. Through her, I was able to slowly build my confidence. She exudes positivity and gives so much passion in her classes.

- Lilibeth


Limited edition Vinaohh merchandise to complement your practice, or just to 

add some ‘ohh’ to your life!


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